5 Awesome as f**k cities!

5 Awesome Cities

Sometimes we travel to cities that capture our hearts and do not let them go. Upon returning home we being to experience the opposite of being homesick. Missing and longing for certain places that are not home. So today, I would like to share with you a couple of cities that I miss terribly. In no particular order……

Prague, Czech Republic

I love the contrasts of Prague. From having a communist museum next to a McDonald’s, to medieval style buildings next to 21st century style buildings, I just love the mix and match of Prague. Charles Bridge, The Jewish Cemetery, and the Astronomical clock. As Prague was behind the iron curtain, there is also a completely different feel in Prague than other European cities. There are also bunkers you can go through and play dress up which was a pretty fun and unique experience. Prague is just simply cool. For a taste of Prague check out this INXS music video.

Pissing Men Statue in Prague
Pissing Men Statue. You could text a number and the men would ‘write’ whatever you requested. Notice the pool is in the shape of the Czech Republic.

Athens, Greece

I love ancient history. I love the Greeks, I love the Romans, and I love their ruins. So it’s no surprise Athens, a city teeming with history and ruins, captured my heart. Everywhere you turn there is an ancient building or its remains to look at. There are museums and information everywhere. You cannot come to Athens and learn nothing, it is simply impossible. You can lose days exploring all that Athens has to offer and believe me, it is well worth it.


Moscow, Russia

Aloof, cold, distant, historic, and challenging. Moscow, in my experience, is for the independent. If you’re fine with little to no English being spoken, go for it! Although most Russians speak pretty good English, most of them just simply refuse to unless they take pity on you. Which isn’t often. And I loved it!! At the end of my European adventure, which was mostly Western Europe, Moscow came as a bit of shock. Finally, I had the shock to the senses I was after. No one went out of their way to help the lost looking tourist, the locals looked at me with suspicion when I spoke, but as with everywhere, attempt a word in Russian and everything changes. Suddenly there are big smiles and all the help you could want! Which to me is totally fair enough.

Moscow travel blog

Ubud, Bali

Monkeys, temples, and less aggressive vendors than other parts of Bali. Ubud is great. You won’t get chased down the street by someone trying to sell you some over-priced clothing, but you might get chased by a monkey after your water bottle. The people, as in all of Bali, are super friendly and happy to help. Amazing food, awesome rice paddies, and plenty of places to escape the hustle and bustle. Check out what my partner and I did in Bali here, hopefully this will inspire a trip to Ubud for you!



  1. Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin makes this list for more sentimental reasons than travel reasons. I lived in Dunedin for three years while completing my Bachelor’s degree and have so many fond memories of certain streets, certain houses, and certain hills. I love the energy a city full of students oozes, I love ideas that bounce around, and, not gonna lie, I love the parties. Dunedin is a mix of steep hills, beaches, and shopping. And when you cram roughly 20,000 students all into the same area, things are going to get interesting. There is always some sort of student antic going on. Whether it be a party that is getting slightly out of hand, surfing in a flooded river, or my personal favourite, student inventions. For instance, one time from my bedroom window I watch a group of guys attached a plastic deck and a motor to the frame of a tricycle. We lived on a hill. Of course he decided to ride his invention down the hill. Straight into a parked car. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the future of our country (he was fine by the way, he got up and did a victory dance)!

Signal Hill
The view of Dunedin from Signal Hill


What are your top five cities? Do we share any cities?

Let me know in the comments!


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