Dreaming of: South East Asia

Flavour, hustle and bustle, heat, action, and contrasts. Temples, architecture, and markets. I’m dreaming of South East Asia, baby! One of my favourite pass times is looking into a region I wish to travel to and planning what I would see. I even get so far as deciding upon my accommodation. What a travel-nerd passtime. Please tell me other people do this too? Anyway…this week South East Asia had my attention.

My Dream Route:

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Phuket – Bangkok – Siem Reap – Ho Chi Min City – Vientiane – Hanoi. South East Asia has a train network which I am yet to figure out but this is looking like a good option for getting around.

What I would see:

planning for SE AsiaSingapore: Obviously I would have to jump on the Singapore Flyer for the incredible views. I love getting views of cities from up high, in my opinion it’s the best way to see a city. Food-wise, I would be hitting up a hawker centre to try out some local eats. Haw Par Villa for the statues, Chinese folk tales and legends.

Kuala Lumpur: I would have to check out the Petronas towers, obviously. I would also like to visit the Islamic Art Museum as this sounds different to anything I have ever seen before. Other than that the plan of attack would be to wander around and see what I find. Take in some local food, check out the architecture and wing it.

Phuket: Time to relax with a cocktail and watch the world go by. At some point, check out the markets and the goings on, but mainly lie on the beach and work on my tan!

Bangkok: The weekend market, the temples, Chinatown, the food, the colour, and the list goes on and on. Banglamphu sounds like a neighbourhood crammed with markets and food stalls, so that would be high on the list. I would also want to be tracking down a skyline view of Bangkok, luckily there seem to be quite a few rooftop bars and restaurants.

Siem Reap: Well. Angor Wat. Obviously. Sorry to be a generic disappointment but yup. Angor Wat.

Ho Chi Min City: Street food markets and history! Talk about heaven. Honestly I would bit hitting up the museums, the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, and eating. A lot.

Vientiane: Buddhist temples juxtaposed with French architecture? Sounds amazing! I would spend most of my time here looking at temples and architecture. Also there is a rivvietnam-1161817_1280erside night market which sounds like lots of fun.

Hanoi: Hanoi sounds like a real clash of cultures which would be fascinating to see. For views of the city I would be heading to Lotte Tower Observation deck. Floor 65 of this building is said to have wonderful views of the city. I am so there. Hanoi also has temples, museum, and parks galore to experience.

TO be fair, I would probably be winging most of this trip, the best adventures happen that way.

Have you been to South East Asia? Is there anything I absolutely must see/do??

As always, let me know in the comments!



  1. Hey Maxine!

    One of the first international trips we took was a 10-day South East Asian package covering Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

    As we had no idea about travelling at that point of time, we booked an escorted group tour to be on the safer side. Fortunately, we had found one that was affordable and covered most of the sights we had initially planned on visiting. Also spending 10 days with 20 other travel-lovers of all ages and countries, was an experience in itself!

    These are some of the main places we visited:

    Thailand: Pattaya, Bangkok
    Malaysia: Kaula Lampur, Putra Jaya,Genting
    Singapore: Singapore City, Little India, Sentosa

    They are mostly touristy spots, but we really did have a good time!

    Hopefully, we will be posting in detail about our South East Asian adventure soon. 🙂

    Happy Travels!

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